Types Of Ghosts

There are two sorts of ghosts.
1.We all have our physical body and then, just outside of it, there is a sort of misty looking body that we call the etheric double.
When we die, the etheric double is supposed to dissolve back into the atoms from which it was made.  But, sometimes, it does not dissolve straight away.
So, when a body is buried, it can hang around the site where the body was buried.  That is why these misty looking entities are sometimes seen wandering about in cemeteries.  The etheric double is not alive, it just has the appearance of life for a while.  Eventually it dissolves and disappears.
2.  This is the spirit of someone who has died, has not gone to heaven, has not gone to Limbo.  He does not realise that he is dead so his spirit hangs about in the house in which he/she lived.
Eventually another family moves into the house.
The spirit of the person left behind can see the spirits of the new family and considers them to be squatters.  So he tries to chase them away.
Thus he tries to chuck furniture at them and so on.
On the Earth plane we see that as doors opening and shutting, furniture and objects moving about and so on.
If the person can be persuaded to move off to heaven, the family can live in peace but, in the mean time, we consider that the house is haunted.

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