UFO Invasions

Germany, 1561 & Switzerland 1566.
The battles you mentioned were between more than two races of ETs. That is not quite true because one of the races were the tall whites who live under the Earth.
The opposing force was reptilian and, at that time, tried twice to establish bases on Earth.
They were chased away by the tall whites and another friendly race that you would not know about.
Since then, of course, the reptilians have tried to infiltrate mankind using more subtle techniques.
But at least they learned a lesson not to try direct infiltration.

Rendlesham forest 1980.
The Rendlesham forest incident was an accident. A UFO got lost in time and ended up in the forest.
It was rescued and guided back to its own time by other ETs.
The visitors were as shocked as were the soldiers but no harm was done.

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