Understanding Of Spirituality

We thought that we would share an understanding of spirituality.

We have no desire to have a long and bitter fight with anyone over religion.
We are all one, made by God, so we should share life in peace together, rather than argue.

However, we are currently going through a long period of change.
It is called ascension.
It means that some people will rise in spirituality and others will not.
Our job is to help as many as we can rise in spirituality.

Mention of the King James version of the Bible is sometimes made.
This is called the authorised version, which means that it was edited by King James and various priests, to tell people what to think and what to pray to.
Large sections of the original scriptures were omitted or altered.
This was done in the early 17th century.
But what may not be known by many, was that King James had a very difficult and traumatised childhood, which gave him a very distorted view on religion and, further, he suffered from a hereditary disease called Porphyria, which gave him a sort of madness.
The result of all this is in that Bible.
It is not our place to criticize that Bible, nor the King, nor the people who read that Bible and follow it.
We merely point out, that one should be careful of following a book written by someone who was completely unstable.

We also find it strange, that people who claim to follow the teachings and the spirit of Jesus, do not hesitate to accuse others of, for example, following the devil, when Jesus clearly told people not to judge others, unless they too were perfect.

It seems to us, that the teachings of Jesus were given to help people rise in spirituality.
So, surely, to judge others, falls outside of the teachings of Jesus.
Especially when it may not be true. That might be considered to be giving false witness!

So, we wish you all well as you progress down the road to perfection.

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