Various Aspects Of Life

Astral Realms

How did it start?

If we can imagine an infinite empty space with absolutely nothing in it except one tiny, infinitely small particle of life, and that particle of life is subject to no rules, no mass, no time,  no limits to its movements, that particle can move with infinite speed anywhere that it wants.

So it moves around this empty space at infinite speed and it is that which creates the illusion of all that we can see, from the smallest to the largest.  It is that which particle physicists are trying to find.

As space and time do not exist, there is only here and there is only now and, therefore, there can only be one thing that can occupy that here and now and so that one thing has to be everything that is to be.

How did they make plant life?

To understand this, we have to consider God.

God is the natural result of the most fundamental law of the cosmos, the law of mutual attraction, like attracts like.  Before there was any order in the universe this law was working attracting molecules of matter together and, conversely, making space attract space.  As atoms come together this law continues to operate ensuring that substances of beauty attract other substances of beauty.  Discordant shapes attract discordant shapes.  Molecules with a tendency towards animate life attract similar elements, and so it goes on.  Over eons of time all that we see has been formed by this law.  This is the shaping hand of God.  From this law spiritual beings have similarly developed and other aspects were developed which have resulted in all that we see and know.

Empty Planets.

One thing that I will mention is that the various planets in our solar system – Earth, Mars, Saturn Jupiter and so on – are physical representations of each person’s actual chakra points and also our galaxy’s chakra points.

Let me explain, but this is going to be hard and will require a stretch of the imagination.

As I have said, we are all just one person pretending to be many people.  More than that, the galaxy is also alive and is part of us and we are part of it.  So the galaxy and you (and I) are the same thing.

But all of this is spiritual in nature – invisible spirit force.  You are an invisible force.  I am the same.  The galaxy is also the same invisible spirit force.  However, the point that I am trying to make is that if, for example, someone goes into the astral realm that deals with love in all its ramifications, that person will actually link with Venus and that energy – for just as you have a physical body, the planets also have physical bodies – the planets that we see in the night sky.

Now, the various planets – Earth, Mars, Saturn etc., – are more than just planets.  Each one is designed to represent a particular force or emotion.  Venus is the planet that embodies the concept of love.  Mars is the planet that embodies the concept of hatred and war.  Not on the physical surface, you understand, but in each planet’s astral realms surrounding the planet.

Further, as the planets and us are actually the same thing,  each one of these seven planets acts as a chakra point allowing those forces (love, hate etc.,) to flow into and out of our bodies.

Each planet corresponds to a chakra point of every human.

All this is very difficult to understand.

From the astral realms, love will flow from the chakra point of Venus into the heart chakra of the person and that person will feel love.

So, you can understand that the astral realms are not just rock and earth places like the surface of planet Earth.  They are very complex areas and so what one sees depends on which planet one links with and so on.

Mars, in its etheric realms would look different indeed to Venus and yet they are all part of the astral realms.

And yet, as we go into the astral realms, our mind tries desperately to make sense of what we are seeing – feeling would be a better term to use.  So, I cannot be sure that what I observe is actually what is there or whether it is just my mind and emotions trying to make sense of it.

That is why I have deliberately avoided describing any particular scene.

This is also why, in my travels around the astral realms I rarely see people or cities (with the exception of heaven, of course).  The astral realms are full of emotion, not people.

That is not to say that there are not people in the astral realms.  Most, if not all, of our alien visitors come from astral realms.  But they would come from different aspects of the astral from what I have talked about above.

So, I apologise for having written a great deal actually to say very little.

The astral is a very complex subject.

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