Velon Or Annunaki

Until fairly recently, there was a group of evil entities that had invaded planet Earth some 300,000 years ago and took control of the ruling classes, influencing them to make life as unpleasant as possible for all of humanity.  These beings – some call them Velon, or Annunaki – came from another galaxy.  They live in the etheric/lower 4th dimension and are, thus, invisible to our eyes.  The result was endless wars, slavery, hatred, starvation, torture and all the negative things.  These beings thrive on negative emotion.  That is their food.

That was the bad news.

Now, since 2012, an enormous change has occurred. There were some planetary alignments that happened that has allowed positive energy to flood down to planet Earth from the central sun.  Also, the angelic beings decided that enough was enough and have started to pour positive energy down to us.  There are also good aliens, the Pleiadians and the Sirians, that are helping.  There are also our guides, people like you and me, and ordinary good people that are helping.  Altogether, this is making a fantastic outpouring of spiritual energy that will, eventually, chase these negative entities away because they will have no more negative food to feed on.

That is the good news.

Now, how does this affect you?

As these positive events were known in advance to the archangelic beings that control our planet, starting just over 30 years ago, spiritual souls living in heaven were asked to incarnate to help win the battle.  You are one of them.

The reason that you have suffered so much is that, being spiritual in nature, you are not of the Earth.  Those who are of the Earth are quite at home with being able to cheat, lie, manipulate people, hurt people with deeds and with words and so on.

You do not do this because you are from heaven, and all that is something that you could not condone.

That is why, also, you were drawn to me to help explain who you are, what is going on and how you can help with this battle.

Don’t worry, you are not going to have to run about with a gun shooting people!

I want you to use the most powerful weapon ever invented; it is called LOVE.

That is why, at the end of every meditation I asked you to send love out to the people of the world.  That love helps all people to raise their level of spirituality a bit.  You are not alone.  There are millions of us sending love plus all the positive beings that I mentioned above.  The people under the influence of the Velon that are causing all the mayhem are constantly surrounded by love now.  This is blocking the influence caused by the Velon.  Thus, gradually, things are changing and the Velon will be forced to go somewhere else when there is no more negative energy for them to feed on.

I tell you all this to show you why you are here and what an important, spiritual person you are.  You are an important fighter in this battle to chase the Velon and help free the planet.  Always try to keep calm and positive and remember that the God spirit in you is constantly pouring love out to the world. It is only when you get angry and feel down that it stops for a while.

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