Venus is considered to be the planet of love.
Mars, as we stated in our message about that planet, is considered to be the god of war due to the etheric, astral and physical battles that were fought over it long ago.
But Venus has escaped this unfortunate fate due to the fact that it is largely an uninhabitable planet for any life as we would know it.

It is somewhat gaseous, at least on the surface, and that gas not only contains elements very dangerous to any life but can also be very hot.

People have long studied Venus from Earth and from space with various types of telescopes but have had difficulty in concluding just what the surface consists of, but we can tell you that if man tried to land on the surface they would almost instantly expire.
Venus will never be inhabited by man.

Now, we return to the ancient concept of Venus as the god of love.
Once man had discovered that there were very nasty events happening on Mars and called it the god of war, they searched the skies for its counterpart. If there was war they thought that it should be balanced by a planet of peace.
Venus shines brightly in the night sky and, as light is associated with peace, they chose Venus and called it the god of love. They were projecting human emotions into the stars.
But Venus has no special astral or etheric properties.
It is just a planet that has escaped invasion by any and all ET forces due to its unwelcoming surface.

It shines brightly in the night sky partly because it is a large planet and partly because the surface reflects the light of the sun.

We will just say that man, long ago, noticed that the galaxy was alive – as we have mentioned – and assumed that it would have organs like man. So, they chose the planet of Venus to be the heart of the universe.
From a psychic point of view, Venus reflects peace and love quite simply because it has never been harmed by any group.
The same cannot be said about Mars which has been disfigured, nor about Earth which has been greatly harmed.

The curved structure purportedly seen is, as far as we are aware, a figment of someone’s imagination or a temporary event caused by gas clouds shifting.

So, there is no life as we would know it on the surface of Venus, nor in its astral and etheric bodies.

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