Volunteered To Incarnate

Bob Sanders Just a quick question on the subject of age. In another video you say humans came down to planet earth by our own voluntary choice in order to raise the spiritual energy hopefully. Does that mean i chose specifically to be born at the end of the 90s and you chose your era and so on and so on?

The answer is yes but it is a bit more complicated than just yes.  Like all of us, you were a point of life in the 7th dimension.  A call went out that reinforcements were needed on Earth for some reason or another – to replace those killed in WW1 and 2, for instance or to replace those dying for various reasons – and both you and I volunteered.  We must have been mad. LOL.
Anyway, a stamp was put on us to make us human and, eventually, we came to the 4th dimension where a long training took place to prepare us for our incarnation.
Now, either I came down before you or we all came together but some were pushed forward more quickly than others.  It could well be that you were given advanced training above what I got.
My job has been to open the door, but the job of your generation is to walk the path and, by your collective and individual examples, blaze the trail so that all can see the way forward into the next level – ascension.
So we  all come with a job to do.  I do my best, although I am far from perfect and you must do your best also.  You have a great weight on your shoulders but you must not let us all down.
Be calm but be strong and show people the path by your example.  Then they will follow.
Good luck on your journey.

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