Watching Videos in Heaven

If one remembers that everything is not only vibration but also recorded into the Akashic record, we can locate the video that interests us and watch it very much as you watch it.
Indeed, because of the way that it is recorded into the Akashic record, we do not have to wait for the film to play, second by second (as we do), but we can watch it as one thought.
So a film that you would have to take, say, an hour to watch, we can, once we have located the film in the record, get an instant download so we see all the film and can hear all the words spoken instantly.
Anyone could do this if they had the ability to locate the Akashic record and navigate within it.

What you call physicality is an illusion as we have explained.  The computer screen that you watch is an illusion and you are actually watching an astral screen with astral pictures and astral sound.
The Akashic recordings are also astral so what we watch is very similar to what you watch.
We could actually interact with the film if we wished and become part of it.
That is one of the features of the Akashic recordings.

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