Water Divining

Concerning water divining. The way it works is as follows.
The human body is made of about 60% water. Therefore, there can be a connection between a human body and a body of water as all is one.
This may be difficult for some people to appreciate but it is so.
In order to detect where water is underground it is sufficient to make the connection between the human body, which is mostly water, and an underground source.
Diviners use a variety of instruments that act as warning devices because as the human body passes an underground watercourse, the human body reacts to this connection and the instrument deflects in some way to indicate this connection.
So, to sum up.
It is the fact that the human body is mostly water and connects in a psychic – almost physical – fashion when it passes over an underground source that causes the body to react.
This reaction is magnified by the instruments.
The instruments play no part in the actual detection. The person’s body reacts and the instrument merely reacts to the body’s movement.
The prime cause is the connection between the human body’s water content and the underground water course.

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