We Are All One

The soul actually is just a protective shell around the real God force which is referred to as a Logos.  Imagine an eggshell protecting a  chick.
Now, all is one.  This is fundamental to understanding God and life.
From the tiniest grain of sand, up through plants, animals, humans, planets, galaxies and the whole multiverse, everything is one and everything is alive.
As all is one, you, a grain of sand and a galaxy are one and the same.
So if you have a spirit, all must have a spirit.  There is no difference.  It is not that some things are made like this and others made like that.
From a spiritual point of view all is the same.
So, what you have is this.
You have a Logos contained within its soul.
Then you have a spirit.
Then you have the spiritual aspects and, lastly, you have a physical body.
It is this physical body that can appear different.  It can be a grain of sand, a plant, an animal, a human and so on.
Behind the scenes, all is exactly the same.
Now, the spirit is part of the spiritual aspect of us so, when we “die”, it soldiers on with us because it is the connecting link between the Logos and the spiritual part of us.
Look at it like this.
Imagine an electric car.
You have a battery (the Logos, God).
You have an electric motor (the spiritual aspects of us).
You have the car itself ( our physical body).
But, between the battery and the electric motor you have a connecting wire.  This connecting wire is the spirit.
Without that, the car would not work.
The spirit is the connection between the Logos and the spiritual aspects.
I have explained how things are made in a simple way to try to make it clear.

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