What Are Jinn?

Please let me explain what Jinn are.

They are creatures that live in the etheric realm and are classed among the demon group. However, they are very low powered demons.
In fact, they are very much like the “Boggarts” in the Harry Potter books.
They are shape shifters and can assume any form they wish, animals and humans being among their favourite forms.
They are harmless to us. They just like to play and, if they can, frighten us. After all they are demons so, they get their pleasure from scaring us.
But there is no need to be scared.

People often wake up in the middle of the night and see a shape in the room that scares them because they can’t understand what is going on. Once you know that it is just a Jinn and it is curious about you, there is nothing to be afraid of and you can tell it in the name of God, or Jesus to go away, it will do so. They are actually frightened of us and they are certainly frightened of God.

They are able to appear as ghost forms – shadows – or as solid objects. I believe that their normal shape is a sort of white balloon, or small cloud shape.
They can move extremely swiftly.

So, what happened in your case was a Jinn was playing with your cat – by the way, cats are not scared of them and just ignore them – and when it realized that you were all freaked out, it appeared as a shadow of a person in your apartment. It got fun out of scaring you.

If you want, you can explain to your children what I have said here in case they ever see something like that again and tell them not to be frightened, it is just a silly old Jinn, or Boggart. Tell them to say to it to go away in the name of God.

By the way, when Jinn move, you often see a sort of trail of smoke that quickly disappears.

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