What Are Regular Periods Of Devotion?

Devotion, in this sense, means to acknowledge that God is the ultimate power of goodness and we are on the road to developing that power.

So, as often as you can, or at least once a day, it is a good idea to sit down quietly and realise your oneness with God (Good). Allow a feeling of thankfulness, peace, love and harmony with all things to fill your being. Let go of all negative thoughts and allow love to flow into you.

Also, if you can it is a good idea to do meditation, but that is a slightly different subject.

You asked about devotion.

It is recognising that you are part of – the totality of – this wonderful being of total love for all mankind, past present and future, of all life in its myriad forms. It is becoming one with God. It is recognition and gratitude for being part of all that love and positive power.

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