What does “I AM” mean?

The term “I am” as used in the Bible refers to the Christ spirit that we all have.

If we have our ego pronounced, when we think, when we speak we are using that part of us called the ID, which is a fairly basic aspect of us that people who do not have spirituality developed use.
However, for those who do have their spirituality developed, they are able to link with their God spirit, their Christ spirit, their higher self – call it what you will.

This is what is referred to in the Bible as “I am”.

It implies that the person is complete in that they might well be using their physical faculties to communicate (voice, writing etc.,), but the information is coming from the spiritual aspect.
Thus, the person is complete. He becomes the one unit he should be – the “I am”.

Jesus, in his statement, was saying that once a person becomes complete in that both his physical aspects and his spiritual aspects work in harmony – as Jesus had – that person would be able to perform the deeds that Jesus was capable of performing.

This enigmatic phrase “I am” is unfortunate in that it has been twisted to imply that Jesus himself must be involved in any miraculous act.
This has been caused by mis-translation of what Jesus actually said.
He wanted to imply that anyone with spirituality developed could manipulate reality to turn a bad event into a good event.
But it is open to all who develop spirituality.

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