What Is God

I asked my guides to help describe what is God. They gave me a long answer but I will put it here:

  1. God is the force that we see all around us from which everything is made. We cannot see God. We can only see the effect and know that God is the originator.
  2. God is the natural result of the most fundamental law of the cosmos, the law of mutual attraction, like attracts like. Before there was any order in the universe this law was working attracting molecules of matter together and, conversely, making space attract space. As atoms come together this law continues to operate ensuring that substances of beauty attract other substances of beauty. Discordant shapes attract discordant shapes. Molecules with a tendency towards animate life attract similar elements, and so it goes on. Over eons of time all that we see has been formed by this law. This is the shaping hand of God. From this law spiritual beings have similarly developed and other aspects were developed which have resulted in all that we see and know. Now it is so complex that we are able to talk of God as a being. But God is the ever-developing result of natural law. God is good, because by natural law goodness is more powerful than evil, unity more powerful than chaos. If chaos ruled there would only be a splitting up until nothing existed, which would be self-defeating. As so much exists we must accept that goodness is more powerful, therefore God is goodness. The angels are aware of this and actively work to increase the power of goodness (God). The Christ called God his father quite rightly, because the law of mutual attraction which resulted in substance of a spiritual nature coming together to form a power of goodness was able to cause good matter to mass together which is the intelligence that we know as Christ. This applies equally to us all. There are many other laws that enable the spiritual and physical worlds to operate but this explanation provides a basis for understanding.
  3. Before God there was only chaos. Order had not come to the universe, because the law of attraction is such that the more spread out are the molecules of substance, that the more slowly they come together. The statement in the Bible concerning the amount of time God took to form the world can only be taken figuratively. Even this lengthy statement does not really answer your question except to say that God is the result of the law of mutual attraction.

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