What’s the best way to combat suicidal ideation?

What the GWB advise is to find someone, or a group, worse off than you and try to help them.
That way, you do not have time to sit and worry about how unhappy you are.
Although this is good advice, I do realize that it is not easy when one is deeply depressed, oneself.
I will tell you that no one can really help you unless you want to be helped. Certainly, I cannot wave a magic wand and solve your problem.
But I will also say that, almost without exception, there is no actual reason to feel suicidal.
We just let ourselves go and lapse into depression.
I do not advise joining a suicide help group. You may if you wish, but listening to others complaining about how unfairly life is treating them you will not find very helpful. It will just give you a reason to feel suicidal yourself.
So, what can I advise you?
Not much, really. I am not a doctor nor a psychiatrist. I have no right to advise you.
For others that I have helped in the past, I did so by advising them to join groups that distributed food to the poor or helped with finding shelter for the homeless.
This is basically the advice that the GWB gives.
Most refuse to take this advice and I cannot force people to accept it.
But, if you wish, you could try it and see if it helps.
Helping others is better than sitting at home, moping.

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