Where will I go when I die?

There is not just hell, Summerland and then true heaven.  There are hundreds of different landscapes and we are drawn to one of those according to our frequency.  Our frequency depends on what we did during our incarnation.

Let me explain a bit.

In theory, you could walk a path from the depths of hell right up to merging with God.  It is one long path and I have walked some of that path with a guide.

Imagine that you started at the lowest point of hell, which is a truly horrible black, slimy and desolate area.

As you walk, hell gradually gets brighter until it merges with Summerland.  That starts off pretty dim and bleak but continues from the last level of hell.  Then, as you keep walking, it gets brighter and brighter and more beautiful until, eventually, it merges with the levels of heaven.  These go on getting more and more wonderful until at the end of the road we merge with the Godhead.  That is the end of the journey.

We are drawn to one of these levels according to how we lived, as I said.  Bad people go to a low level.  The average person goes to one of the levels of Summerland and from there we can progress towards God.

So, there are a vast number of landscapes, all vibrating at different frequencies and we are drawn to the one that corresponds to our frequency which, in turn, depends on how we lived our life.  The more helpful and kind we are, the higher our frequency.  The more cruel, selfish, we are, the lower our frequency.

That way, life is totally just.  You finish up according to who you were. One can, of course, progress upwards if one wishes.  Equally, one can descend towards the lower levels if one wishes.  We have free will in heaven.

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