Who Do I Pray To?

I understand your dilemma.
However, I can assure you that there is a creator God and I can also assure you that we are moving into a positive period that we call ascension that will gradually chase all the evil ones away and we are moving, gradually, towards a long period of peace, love, harmony and happiness.

Now, who do you pray to?
This is a difficult one to answer because, believe it or not, you are God. We all are God. An animal or a blade of grass or a stone is God. That is all there is.
Life as we see it is an illusion. It is all God pretending to be you, me an animal or whatever.
So, who do you pray to?
Do you pray to yourself? That would seem pretentious.
What I do when I pray is not to beg God for help but I thank God that his Angels and archangels are keeping us all safe as we move out of the darkness and into the light.
I thank God for all the help he gives me and I feel the presence of his Angels around me helping me, guiding me and keeping me from harm.
You, too, can do this if you wish.
I thank this cosmic Force that is there helping us good people and driving away bad people.

It is called ascension and, although it is happening slowly, it is happening surely and nothing will stop this move into positivity.

So, I suggest that you thank God for all the help you get, refuse to give into negativity and always retain a positive outlook on life.
What we are going through at the moment is just the death throes of a dying beast and goodness is gradually coming.
The evil ones know this and so are doing all they can to create as much harm as possible but they are wasting their time.
We are moving, inevitably, into a period of peace and harmony and the time of the evil ones is over. We are moving into a time of cosmic, universal love.


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