Why do small children die?

It is a complicated story.
You must understand that we humans are in at least two parts. There is the physical body that we can all see and then there is a non-physical body that you can’t see but that is the real you. That non-physical body (spiritual body) cannot die. You are immortal.
But, your physical body can be damaged and die in a way.
Now, babies are very fragile and can die from accidents or illnesses. When that happens, we say that the baby is dead but the non-physical body – the real person – cannot die and that returns to heaven.
Now, although the physical baby might be young, the real person that animates the baby is a mature being. He or she will be a grown-up person.
When a baby dies we are all very sad but that baby was only a sort of puppet animated by the real non-physical person. It is because we do not develop our psychic powers that we think that the physical baby is all that exists and if it dies, we are very sad. In reality, the physical baby is not really alive. It is an entity animated by a non-physical spirit that you can’t see.
What I said above is true for all of us. We all have a physical body that will die one day but we all have a non-physical or spiritual body that is immortal and returns to heaven when the physical body dies.
I told you that it is a complicated story and I may have told you more than you wanted to know.
Babies can die because they are fragile but the spirit behind the baby can never die.

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