Why Do We Eat While Incarnate?

The answer is that, originally, we were never meant to come here.

Long years ago, God, in his seek for ever more experience, asked his archangels to create a physical world.

This proved impossible to create, so these archangels created a fantasy world that we call planet Earth.

Believe it or not, we all live in a dream.

Anyway, these archangels hit on the idea of putting animals in this dream world and see if they would develop to the point of being able to pay back the spiritual energy that was used to create this world. As you can see, animals did not develop to that point.

Now, at that time, animals of all sorts were introduced into this world.  So they needed plants to eat, air to breathe, and water to drink.

God’s archangels provided all that.

Now, this is the important point.

When it was noticed that the animals were not going to develop, humans, who at that time lived exclusively in the heavenly spheres, were asked to come to Earth to help pay back the energy that was used to create everything.

So, over vast periods of time humans came to Earth for an incarnation.

Even though none of this is real, when we are in this dream we need to act like it is real.  So, like the animals that were placed here, we need to eat.

So, we either eat animals as lions and tigers do, or we eat vegetables like cows, sheep, goats, and so do.

The choice is ours.

This world is but an illusion that seems real.  You will understand more about this when your incarnation ends and you return home to heaven.  But while you are here, you need to nourish your body.

I hope that this short history of why we need to eat helps.

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