Why Does Life Seem More Difficult?

The oversoul wants us to realise that we are God.
So, it places us in whatever situations it thinks is necessary for us to go through life until we realise that we are God.
If we can do it the easy way, it lets us do that. If we have to do it the hard way, it lets us do that also.

Now, if we do not realise that we are God, whether we are rich or poor, it will give us whatever experiences are necessary to lead us to that conclusion.
A lot of people do not realize, during their Earthly incarnation, that they are God, so they have to continue in the afterlife.
However, since the great change beginning in late 2012, we have the opportunity to realise that we are God, incarnate here, and now.

This is why life seems harder. It is to push us to question: what the f**k is going on?
The question will, in the end, lead us to the conclusion that we are God.

If we can realise that NOW our life gets easier.
If we cannot realise that, we go through problem after problem until, one day, we do get the concept.

It is not hard.

It is us, pushed by our egos, that make it hard.

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