Why Is Killing Considered To Be Negative – Illusion


If all is illusion, why is killing considered to be negative?


The answer to this question is that, although all is illusion (Maya), consciousness is real.
Consciousness is an invisible concept but is at the base of life.
Life is all that exists and comes from God.
So, if we work backwards, we have God who creates life. Then, connected to life, we have consciousness.
Consciousness allows us to make choices.
One of the choices that we can make is, itself, connected to good and bad, love and its opposite.
It is not easy to find one word that equates to the opposite of love, but love implies a constructive concept, amongst many other things.
So, we might say that the opposite of love could be destruction.
Inbuilt within us, in the galaxy that we are attached to, is the concept of love.
Therefore, even though everything is “Maya” we have within us this God Force that is based on love, a coming together concept.
Thus, it is that anything that is the opposite of love is repugnant to us.
It is the God Force that we all have that tells us that killing is not only the opposite of love, but should not happen because our God Force is based on love.

So, even though nothing is real except consciousness, if we use that consciousness to kill – even in imaginary form – (here they are talking about violent video games; Bob), we find that it is in opposition to the God Force we all have.

PS by Bob: By extension, we can say that any act that is of a negative nature, for example, criticizing someone negatively, criticizing someone’s hope and ambitions, mocking someone who is trying to do something are negative acts and thus come under the heading of killing.
It is better to say nothing than to negatively criticise someone.

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