Why its not possible to contact the force we call God?

First, you cannot contact God because he does not exist in any realm that we could contact. No one has ever contacted God.
However, we all have a personal version of God that is with us all the time. Once again, you cannot contact him but, only in very special circumstances, he can contact you. You would not wish this to happen, believe me, as it is a very disturbing event. I speak from personal experience. It was only because of my esoteric knowledge that I was not severely traumatized.
You always have at least one guide with you but, once again, you cannot contact him. He or she is always with you doing his or her best to help guide you through your incarnation. Even I have never spoken to my personal guide.
Now, life is hard. It is meant to be. It is a test of your faith that the heavenly forces are helping you.
It is a test in your belief in God.
The more you accept that these forces are helping you, the closer they can come to you to help you.
But life will always send you problems. No matter how much you believe in God, your life plan will send you problems. That is what incarnation is for.
So, all I can say to you is to accept these problems and deal with them as calmly as you can. You will see the reason for all this when you return to heaven. But you are here to experience and deal with problems.
Your guide is always with you and is trying to guide you but it is not his/her job to take away problems. Incarnation is a great way to progress through dealing with the problems that are presented to you.
Learn to deal with these problems and you will benefit in becoming a better, wiser, more noble, person.

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