Will I Be Reunited With My Loved Ones In Heaven?

Bob, when you die and go to heaven, can you be reunited with your loved ones from earth or does it not work like that?

It can be a bit complicated to answer. It is not just yes or no.
When you die, you first go to the default area, known as Summerland.
Now, most people – ordinary people, neither very holy nor very evil – stay in Summerland. So, if your loved ones are in Summerland, of course you will meet them. That is what happens, in the majority of cases.

However, if a loved one was very advanced spiritually, that person would be in a higher realm. That person would have to come down to Summerland to greet you. That advanced person could only stay a while in Summerland before being drawn, by the law of mutual attraction, back to the higher realm.

On the other hand, if a loved one had been evil in some way and was in one of the hell regions, that person would probably not manage to raise himself up to say hello to you in Summerland. The law of mutual attraction, would tend to keep him in whatever realm of hell he was in.

But, I repeat, most people are in Summerland and in that case, you would meet your loved ones.

Thank you,
Bob Sanders

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