How To Properly Pray To God

The esoteric world that surrounds us has all sorts of things going on that science does not investigate.

Now, when people pray, generally they pray in this manner.

‘Oh God, I have this problem or that problem. Please help me.’

Now, all prayers are answered. However, with the above sort of prayer, people often find that things only get worse and they wonder why.

The answer lies in a spiritual law called “the law of mutual attraction.” Like attracts like. You get back what you put out.

So, under that law if you say to God that you have a problem, the force that answers your prayer thinks that you are asking for more problems and sends them to you.

This is not very helpful.

Now we go into another difficult area. Time does not exist. Only sequence of events exists. If time does not exist, the answer to any prayer is already there and we just need to draw it into our reality.

So, to get a positive answer to a prayer we need to say,

‘Thank you God for solving my problem.’

That way we draw towards us the answer to our problem.

There is more to this however.

If you had a problem and it has gone away, imagine the sense of relief and joy that you would feel knowing that the problem was gone and would never return – ever.

When you say a prayer of thanks to God for solving your problem, you have to imagine that it has gone and will never return. You need to hang on to that feeling of joy all the time, knowing, deep inside that it has gone. This is important. You have to deeply feel the relief and peace and joy that comes from knowing that your problem has gone.

Then, the law of mutual attraction picks up those thoughts and sends you what you are asking for – the resolving of the problem.

It is as easy, and as difficult, as that.

This really works.