The Illusion Of Space

When dealing with space, we have two interpretations depending on one’s point of view.

From Earth, if we look into the night sky, we see space as an illusion. We have used the metaphor of a painting and the various celestial bodies are just dots of paint on a painting.

So, they are not real and are created by collective consciousness due to us expecting to see things in the night sky.

We have said that, long ago, when this version of human life was very primitive or, indeed, before it existed, the Archangels did not bother to create the galaxies and so, if an animal had looked up at night, the sky would have just been black.

All the celestial bodies are created in a similar way to background people in a supermarket. They are there to give the blackness some meaning.

However, when someone decides to explore space, it’s springs to life very much in the manner that background people spring to life in the supermarket if we interact with them.

So, space is either real or is an illusion depending on how someone wishes to observe it and interact with it.




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