The Future of Man

Message received: 27NOV2020

We wish to say that humanity is moving into a new phase.
On one hand, we have the natural progression we call Ascension, and on the other hand, we have this virus created and released on humanity by the evil ones.
The reason for this is to reduce the world’s population and also to deny forever the freedoms that all mankind is entitled to.
The world will never be the same again.
This virus cannot be eliminated.
It has been designed with great care so that, in the case of a vaccine being developed, it mutates to a new form.
So, this virus will plague humanity forever into the future.

But all is not lost.

The positive effect of Ascension will allow humanity to develop and change. With the help of the Directors of Life, a new species of man will be introduced that can cope and resist this virus.
In the present time, unfortunately, the weak and infirm will die, thus shortening the life expectancy of humanity.
Young people will be encouraged to accept the limitations of freedom that old people knew. But that generation (the old people) will, to a great extent, be eliminated by the virus.
So, a new way of life will be introduced where individual freedoms will no longer be accepted and punitive steps taken to put a stop to anyone who tries to express freedom.
The idea is to create a world of slave’s, accepting without question the limitations put on freedom of expression.

Ascension, in the long term, will put a stop to this folly, but that will be long into the future.
In the meantime, more and more restrictions on freedom of movement, freedom of expression, and liberty will gradually come into place, the excuse given being that, as this virus mutates, so it affects more and more people and thus, to prevent the spread of it, loss of liberty must be introduced, overseen by a universal body who will regularly shutdown entertainment outside of the house and allow people only to shop using the internet, and delivery of groceries and goods will be delivered to the door by special couriers using specially adapted vans equipped with filters to keep out the virus.

There will be a gradual shutdown of all outdoor activities and anyone found being abroad will be suitably punished.
Workers will be forced to find work close to home and will have to wear special clothing as used in hospitals.
All homes will be equipped with filter systems providing oxygen, mixed to produce the same atoms as clean air, which will be delivered to homes in metal containers rather like oxygen is stored in metal bottles used in welding plants.
Outside air will be kept out of homes.

This system, which seems impossible to produce and introduce now, will be gladly accepted as more and more people succumb to the virus.
Old or inadaptable houses will be demolished and a new style of simple rectangular block houses will be introduced and people will be forced to live in them, many people not being allowed to leave them.
Everything needed will be delivered by special courier.

Of course, as the places that people normally go to now; the seaside, parks, restaurants, and so on will be empty of humanity, only a chosen elite will enjoy these places.
These chosen people will have had a vaccine injected in them that will not be available to the general public, and as the virus mutates, so new vaccines will be introduced, available only to the chosen few.

This is the fate that awaits humanity from now on and for a long number of years.
Eventually, people will revolt and there will be a revolution when the public realizes the trick that has been played on them, a trick to enable the elite to appreciate freedom, while the public is locked in their concrete houses.

We are sorry to announce this, but the public has the right to know.
Forewarned is forearmed.

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