COVID-19 – Coronavirus

Why should the whole world suffer due to the careless action of a single nation??
Isn’t it sad that the common people and the poor are currently grovelling in the mud? In essence, a disease that was spread by the rich as they flew around the world will now kill millions of the poor.
There are again millions currently suffering with unemployment and no food to eat and all this for no fault of their own and yet you say that we shouldn’t expect any miracles or at least a wee bit of help? Is this also part of their (GWB) agenda of not interfering with “free will”?
This is so disheartening!

Please do not think that the GWB do not care. They do care… very much so.
But the GWB live in a different dimension to us.
There is no such thing as magic.
The GWB are powerless to help us who are incarnate.
They can give advice, and they have done in the video but it is up to the governments of the various countries to help their populations.
If governments stopped worrying about trying to keep the financial institutions going and actively cared for their populations, everyone could be cared for.
So please do not criticize the GWB. Collectively, we should push our governments to help their populations and not worry about the financial outcome.
The GWB do not have magic wands like in the Harry Potter books.
We live in a real world and have real problems. Governments have real money that they could use to feed people.

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Removed YouTube video from the GWB about COVID-19 – To view the video, click here

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