Hearing Voices

I have two answers for you.
1. We all have this small voice inside us that directs us. It comes from our higher self and our life plan. It directs us to do what is right and can help us do all sorts of things. I use this small voice every day to help guide me through life.
2. However, there are some people who have made the error of opening themselves to beings that live in the etheric realms.
Given the chance, these beings will influence us.
Now, we don’t want any outside influence from anyone telling us what to do as it can be dangerous.
So, you are being guided by one force or the other.
If it is your higher self, that is good but if it is someone else, it could be dangerous.
If I were you I would do the cleansing process I have described. If it is an outside influence, the cleansing process will wash it away and it will leave you in peace.
But, while you are doing the cleansing process you must really want to wash this influence away. If, deep down, you want to allow it to continue, it will. You must want to be free from it.
If it is your higher self guiding you, it will find another way to do this.
So, first, wash the voice away. You will be much better without it.

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