NAZCA Tunnels

In the 1960’s, large and very long tunnels were found underneath the ground near Nazca and under the famous Nazca Lines, but have been kept a secret by governments and the military. The tunnels have been explored numerous times and by some countries, but remain largely a mystery as to their reason for existence, how the tunnels were created and by whom.

As we said previously about the Nazca Lines, the designs made on the surface were created by an alien race to help us recognize our connections to alien life.

These tunnels were constructed long before the patterns on the surface were drawn.
In fact, these tunnels were created by the race that constructed the three fingered beings, the strange bodies which have recently been found there and have been called the Nazca Alien Mummies, who are just programmed life forms (PLF’s).
The aliens who constructed the tunnels were astral in nature but had quite a lot of physical artifacts; PLF’s, UFO’s and various other materials that they stored in the tunnels.
The aliens finally left Earth after creating the so called ‘Nazca Lines’ as a parting gift.

This was a long time ago, pre-flood that is mentioned in the Bible.
When they left they transformed their various craft and artifacts into astral form by raising the vibration rate so there was nothing left to find that was physical.
We do not have the precise location of the start and finish points for the simple reason that names change with time so the names written in our records would not correspond to names today.  We do not like to speculate.

The technology used to bore the tunnels was far in advance of anything man has today.

We have barely scratched the surface – so to speak – concerning what went on in that part of the world long ago.  It would take a vast amount of time to describe all the human and alien interchanges.
But we have given a brief overview of the tunnels.
They were, basically, storage areas and places where experiments could be carried out away from prying eyes.
The alien race that constructed both the tunnels and the patterns on the surface are still in touch with us.

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