What Happens When We Fall Asleep?

What’s really happening when we go to sleep. Today I saw a black figure beyond my window. I had many different apparitions. Sometimes they show in human form, they are able to make a noise sometimes, a sound coming out of my closet. I think I was even hit once. Most of the time I am paralyzed. I am in a sleeping state. I am really confused and don’t know where to start.
The point is, there are beings, visitors at night, demons, spirits.
Who are they? Why are they trying to scare me?

The trouble is that when you think that you are sleeping you are not. You are moving into your etheric body.
That is why you are having all these unpleasant experiences. They are not dreams. You are seeing what is in the etheric realms, and there can be a lot of unpleasant entities in those realms.
I could tell what is happening from two things you wrote.
1. You said that you are paralyzed. If you were asleep, you would not be paralyzed. Further, you would not know that you are paralyzed except if you are awake and experiencing it.
2. When you wake up from sleep, generally, dreams quickly fade. But you remember these experiences.
Now, assuming that I am right, how do you stop doing etheric projection?
This is hard because I do not know what is provoking it.
All I can say is, be careful about what you eat or drink shortly before going to bed.
Try to watch on TV non-violent films, etc.
When you get into bed, pray to God, thanking Him for his protection. Try to visualize His angels surrounding you and watching over you. Then sleep peacefully, knowing that God is looking after you.

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