Soul Growth – Prayer, Meditation & Service To God – Avoid Depression & Illness

Theme: Soul call to personality responds with depression if negative. Emotional trauma. Physical illness can even result.

Reference: Stairway To Freedom – Pg. 135

Once you have developed the positive attributes to a certain degree, however, there will reach a point where depression will set in. That depression will be the result of a call sent out by the soul for improvement to be made in the God aspect of the psyche. The soul will send out the call and personality will seek to react by sending out an answering call that confirms that all is well or, in the case under consideration, the personality is unable so to respond and thus turmoil is set up in the emotional content of the individual.

That emotional response will be the cause of depression experienced by the person. That depression will remain for however long it takes for the individual concerned to respond and to take whatever steps are necessary to release and expand within him the God-force that must be set free. The feeling of depression will cause feelings of unhappiness, generally, with the direction that the life of the individual is following and will cause much thought to be expended upon whether one is following the correct course of employment, whether the family environment is correctly established, and, ultimately, what changes can be wrought to bring a feeling of happiness and contentment again to that person.

Until and unless the person so affected satisfies that lacking in personality by taking the necessary steps to develop the spirit of God within himself, the feeling remains. The sense of lacking will remain and will cause trauma within the emotional field of that person and can result in physical illness being experienced in the body that would otherwise have remained healthy. This feeling of depression is the natural result of the soul’s awakening or, rather, the spirit of God, which has laid dormant within the soul for so long, senses that the conditions are now ripe for it to make its appearance. To do so, there must be changes made. The old must be flung away before the new can be installed. So, the spirit of God sets up the conditions to which the personality must respond and that personality can only respond in one of two ways.

Either it is sufficiently endowed with positive attributes as to be able to give an affirmation, in which case the changes made will be in line with those positive changes already made within personality, or, if the call is negative, then those negative aspects must be released in order to fill the void with positive qualities. Should the call be negative, we experience the depression, as was mentioned earlier, which will remain within the personality until the person so affected begins actively to seek God within the peace of his heart. He would do this by the process of prayer, meditation, and service to God.

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