Judgement Day

What the Great White Brotherhood have been trying to tell you all this time is that we are all just one person and that time does not exist.
If and when you can truly understand this, you can start to see that virtually all religions have been created as control mechanisms. The way that control works best is through fear.

There is no final judgement. These “holy” books, are anything but holy. They are designed to scare you into obedience and to follow that particular religion, in the hopes that you will not be cast into hell for some reason.
There is no judgement from God. God creates life and then lets you live it according to how you see it.

Whether there was some self-appointed King Solomon, is of no importance.
There is no Kingdom of Israel. There is just one person – God – but, because we have a sense of identity, we assume we are separate people. But we are not.

The Kingdom of Israel was created by man. The United Kingdom was invented but they are all just creations of egocentric people. The Holy Roman Empire was created by some of the worst people ever to have disgraced Earth.

When our incarnation is finished, we all have our life review and are drawn, by the law of mutual attraction, to whatever level corresponds to who we really are. But even that is not a final judgement. We can work our way back to God.

These are difficult concepts but, if we can realize that nothing is real, no one is more special than anyone else, we are all one – equal in the face of God, because we are all the totality of God and God is all that exists – we can start to cut through the Archon invented illusion and see life as it really is, just God, being all that is.

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