The Great White Brotherhood and Website

Please be aware that there are reports of other websites and people claiming to be with the Great White Brotherhood (GWB) and that by joining the GWB you will gain fame, power and riches.

This is not true.

The purpose of the GWB and the website is already documented on the homepage and in the about section.

For clarity, this is the message from the home page of the website and clearly states the message of the GWB:

“The Great White Brotherhood welcomes all people of good intent to join with us by reading the information that we have already provided, and will continue to provide, to assist people incarnate unlock the mysteries of life.

Information is the first step to obtaining wisdom and wisdom is the key that unlocks the mysteries of life.

Therefore, we provide the information and rely on you to assimilate this knowledge and thus start to grow in wisdom.  Then, through knowledge, wisdom and a sense of discernment of what is and what is not, we hope that you will grow in spirituality, thus becoming one with all life and one with God.

So it is and so shall it be.


As you can read, joining the GWB is not about gaining fame, power and riches.

Please be very careful with anyone who tries to convince you otherwise.

This website, where you are finding this lesson/message, is intended to be a self study in the messages and teachings of the GWB.

Joining the GWB is free and open to all people.

There are no fees or registration.

We have no lodges or churches or any gathering places.

There seems to be some misleading information on the internet about being a member of the GWB and we would like to clarify that we are not a church, organization, cult, religion or membership.

There is no procedure to become a member of the GWB.

Anyone desirous of following the path of light will, as we have often explained, need to do three things.

  1. Pray to almighty God, thanking him for the blessings he sends.
  2. Meditate on a regular basis which opens the path to connection to the higher self.
  3. Aid and assist all life when appropriate.

These three simple acts will, over time, open the doors to all the positive acts and attributes that man calls the gifts of the spirit.

If you have any questions about the information on this website, please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

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