Esoteric Knowledge – Balancing Auric Power – Imbalance Causes Illness

Theme: Student should try to balance their auras and auric power to achieve perfect health.

Reference: Auras – Interpretation & Comprehension – Pg. 82

We hope that the student of esoteric knowledge reading this book will have sufficient knowledge to know how many auras there are and how many chakra points there are. For those who do not know, we will say that there are seven chakras, each one connected to the end of an aura rather as if the auras were electric wires and each chakra was a plug, connecting the wires to the physical body. This is the function of the etheric double. The auras do not connect directly to the physical body. They connect to the etheric double and, as that etheric double acts as a transformer, it either boosts or reduces the power of each aura before passing that auric signal to the body. We wish you to understand clearly that the etheric double is able to accept all seven auras, boost or reduce their power until all are at the same level and at an overall power that the body can accept which it then separates again and passes to the body at the entry points that are described in esoteric literature: namely the root chakra, the sacral chakra, the solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, forehead centre chakra and the top of the head chakra. Now, it is important that all this energy entering these chakra points from the auras via the etheric double should be equally balanced. That is the job of the etheric double and it constantly monitors the power flowing from the auras and into the etheric double and is always active doing its utmost to balance these seven separate power sources and matching them, not only between them, but at a power that the human body can accept. We should perhaps say that the same process is going on in every object, animal, vegetable or mineral, but we do not wish to complicate matters by considering these life forms and so we just consider humans.

However, and unfortunately, our human emotions can play a part in the power being accepted into the body. In a perfect person, the power entering the body via the etheric double would be in perfect equilibrium but how many of us are perfect? We could for instance consider that masters such as Jesus or Buddha were perfect, but an investigation of their lives would reveal that they, too, struggled to reach that point of perfect balance. For us lesser mortals, we tend to go through life with one or more of our auric elements out of balance. We have all met people with an overdeveloped sex drive, or an overdeveloped sense of ego, drive for power, money and other worldly concepts. Some people are very kind hearted while others we call heartless. Many have addictions to alcohol or drugs and so on. All these are signs of people with the inflow of auric power out of balance. In certain cases, this imbalance can cause illness, and often does.

Perfect health can only be obtained in the degree that our auric inflow is harmonious. So, it is important that the student of esoteric knowledge try, through meditation, to balance his auras.

It is also important to learn to listen to the body and to recognize when something is out of balance and try to correct that imbalance by not giving into the fault until it dies though lack of nourishment. If we do not give way to anger, jealousy, addictions, the desire for power over others, the drive for money beyond that which we need to survive, and so on, gradually we can aid the etheric double in bringing balance to the body and mind. Then, and only then, can we truly become the perfect beings that God made us. But it must be said that if we were perfect, we would not have incarnated in the first place.

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