Cautions & Preparations for the Student Seeking Spiritual Improvement

The information provided at the links below, are for the serious spiritual student, following the teachings of the Great White Brotherhood, that should be read to aid the student through the experiences and emotions they will inevitably go through. Such information is to be kept close in case anything begins to go wrong or the student begins to experience the suffering mentioned in the texts.

The lesson format – after clicking on the link:
There will be a brief description (Theme) of the possible emotions or issues that the student will be experiencing, then the page number (from the associated book) where the body of text starts, including a reference to the book that the information is originally written, followed by the text from the GWB from the referenced book.

The GWB would like to thank “Nic Mac” for contributing his time and energy to compile the information and a theme of each lesson to provide a guide to those who wish to take the path to perfection. We sincerely hope that it helps the student of esoteric knowledge.

Please click on the link below that corresponds with an interest or condition/theme that you may be experiencing at this time to learn more. At anytime, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or require any assistance: